It’s Her Birthday Guess How Old She Is? – Boudoir Photography Philadelphia

Do you ever look back at a photo and think, “Wow, I looked so much better back then?” even though, at the time, you didn’t think you looked that great? Well that is how I feel right now when I look at this picture. It was taken this past October right before the pie overload… Read More

Russell Westbrook Wedding Photo

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, married college sweetheart Nina Earl this weekend. The two former UCLA Bruins met when they were in college and playing for the school’s men’s and women’s basketball teams. SEE PHOTO BELOW… Need a wedding photographer? We will flawlessly capture your special moment to highlight what will be a day… Read More

Couple Hires Newborn Photographer – Guess What This 10-day Old Newborn Did?

Many parents document the first days of their child’s life with a photoshoot. This father wanted a one with his 10-day old son laying down with him on his back. This great idea turned south when the little boy couldn’t hold it in! SEE PHOTO BELOW… Need a newborn photographer? Looking to give a great gift?  We… Read More

Couple Hires New Born Photographer – Guess What They Did?

You won’t beleive what a couple did to stop their in-laws asking when they where going to have a baby… This couple decided to add a new twist to new born photography by doing a new born baby shoot, but with their dog, Humphry, as the baby. The craziest sense of humour an amazing idea had… Read More

Boudoir as the Perfect Holiday Gift for You and Your Significant Other

There are a lot of gift options for the holidays, but none as special and intimate as boudoir photographs. Imagine the surprise when your significant other opens his/ her gift and sees the thought that you put into creating sexy pictures for both you and them.

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When a Camera Phone Won’t Do

There are many reasons to have your photo taken, each one with its own particular kind of wardrobe, environment, lighting, makeup, and style. Considering how important social media and photo sharing is in today’s world, it is more important than ever to have a set of photos for every occasion.

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Owning Valentine’s Day

The film and television, there’s always a character that bemoans the very existence of Valentine’s Day. “It’s just a holiday cooked up by greeting card companies!” they cry, refusing to participate in the holiday.

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