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Do you ever look back at a photo and think, “Wow, I looked so much better back then?” even though, at the time, you didn’t think you looked that great? Well that is how I feel right now when I look at this picture. It was taken this past October right before the pie overload on Thanksgiving, the daily holiday cocktails in Miami, the chocolate chip cookie overdose on New Years Eve, the Boston blizzard baking blitz, and the New Orleans delicious damnation trip. In other words, about 5 to 7 pounds ago!

“It was taken during a boudoir photography session that my husband surprised me with for my 51st birthday. ” 

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Are you looking to do a Boudoir Shoot In Philadelphia? Feel a little on the edge?

Forget the misconception that boudoir equals nudity. Boudoir photography is not indecent or inappropriate. There is no embarrassing nudity. Boudoir is a classy and sensual way to create photographs that you and your significant other will treasure.

Boudoir photography can be offer as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. However it is not limited to just being gifts to others. We have worked with some special ladies who recently had a change in their body that they are proud of and wanted to capture that moment in time.

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Check out our breathtaking boudoir portfolio here (Click Here)

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