Boudoir as the Perfect Holiday Gift for You and Your Significant Other

The holidays are quickly approaching, and here we are again trying to figure out the best gift idea for our significant other!  You could go with a traditional, yet boring, sweater or gift certificate, but that is so impersonal and …expected!  This year, consider a truly special and personal gift that will be treasured forever.  Boudoir photos are typically considered by brides as gifts to their grooms, but they are definitely not limited to a wedding day.  This holiday season choose the gift that will be cherished and says, “I did something very special, just for you.”

Many women choose to shy away from the idea of boudoir photos due to the misconceptions associated with the experience.  Unfortunately, these misconceptions can result in missing out on one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences, both in photography and how you feel about yourself.  Here are some tips on making a boudoir experience that is enjoyable:

  1. Forget the misconception that boudoir equals nudity.  Boudoir photography is not indecent or inappropriate.  There is no embarrassing nudity.  Boudoir is a classy and sensual way to create photographs that you and your significant other will treasure.  From the outfits to the poses, they are selected professionally and with the utmost care to create the look you want. Working with a photographer who is committed to taking your best shots makes the absolute difference.  Contact Urdaneta Photography to take a look at examples of what classy boudoir looks like.
  2. You can consider boudoir strictly for yourself.  While boudoir photos make the perfect intimate gift, they can also be done for yourself.  The photographs are an excellent way to build self-confidence, and for most women, seeing themselves as sexy is a struggle.  From the whole experience to the final result, you will feel great about yourself, and you will have a lasting picture of a sexy, and sensual you.  Whether you choose to share your photographs or keep them for yourself, the experience cannot be matched.  Many women choose to keep their photographs between themselves and their significant others.  This is what makes them the most truly unique gift available and one gift that only YOU can give.

boudoir-0284JenniPhilly81114 - Version 2

  1. Ensure your private experience.  Due to the intimacy of your photographs, you will want to ensure that they remain private.  Some customers are more than happy to allow for the use of their beautiful photographs in a portfolio, while others prefer to keep them private and personal.  Urdaneta Photography ensures that your comfort and privacy is always guaranteed.  As a customer, you are treated with the utmost respect.  Once you see the pictures, you may decide they are too beautiful to hide, but you can be assured that the photographer will never release them.
  2. Think classy.  Following Tip #1, anyone considering boudoir photography can consult and choose settings and outfits accordingly.  Everyone has a different idea of classy, so it may be helpful to look at some other photographs that have been taken and decide on what you like and don’t like.  Take a few outfit changes, and your photographer will help you select the outfit that will look the best and create the best photograph.  Also, identify the poses that you are most comfortable with and be open to suggestions from the professionals.  Remember that they are the best at what they do and will make you look great.


There are a lot of gift options for the holidays, but none as special and intimate as boudoir photographs.  Imagine the surprise when your significant other opens his/ her gift and sees the thought that you put into creating sexy pictures for both you and them.  No matter how you ultimately choose to use them, as a gift for the holidays, as a bridal gift, or as something special you do for yourself, you will find the whole experience unique and rewarding.  Select a sensual presentation that you will have forever, and feel sexy throughout the entire experience.

Take caution in selecting your photographer, as not everyone will respect the experience and your privacy.  For a rewarding experience, call Urdaneta Photography and let the professionals create a lasting work of art for you that will result in a sexy you.