When a Camera Phone Won’t Do

There are many reasons to have your photo taken, each one with its own particular kind of wardrobe, environment, lighting, makeup, and style. Considering how important social media and photo sharing is in today’s world, it is more important than ever to have a set of photos for every occasion. Whether you’re using a photo for your profile on LinkedIn, a cover photo for your Facebook profile, or a photo set for a dating website, having the right photograph is key to making a good first impression, something that is notoriously difficult to do online!

Relying on selfies and photos taken with your phone or by friends can lead to making some really poor first impressions. Without the right wardrobe, makeup, environment, and lighting, it’s easy to produce a poor photo that sends all the wrong signals. That’s why professional photographers have developed so many “categories” for the different kinds of photos they take; depending on what you intend to use the photos for, they have a whole array of tools and techniques designed to improve and enhance your photographs so that they will have the intended impact on the viewer.

Bringing Sexy Back to Photography

Vanity is a sin, but taking pride in what makes you appealing and even attractive is an important part of being confident and personable. If you don’t show off your best features, after all, nobody will ever know about them – and you will just toil away in obscurity. Photography, when done right, is all about showing off your best features. Indeed, thus was born the glamour shot.

Glamour shots are meant to be sexy, appealing, and fashionable. They can serve many functions, but generally they are for personal use. If you’re a woman having glamour shots taken, then you’re typically going to wear a revealing dress – though not necessarily lingerie – and stylish, if perhaps somewhat heavy, makeup. You’re going to be in a sexy pose, and perhaps try to affect an air of mystery and even seduction. The shot is tight, capturing your head and shoulder, though occasionally a glamour shot can show off your entire body; the point is to show off your best features, enhancing them with fashion, makeup, lighting, and all the other tools available to the photographer.

Boudoir photos are a step above glamour shots. You will almost certainly be in lingerie for a boudoir photo, and some are even shot in the nude (or near enough). Your makeup and the lighting are adjusted to give everything a far more seductive, “evening” kind of feel. Finally, of course, boudoir photos are taken in the bedroom, to add that level of suggestiveness that is just a little more on-the-nose!

When it comes to both glamour shots and boudoir photos, these are typically meant for your significant other as a gift of some kind, or occasionally as something you might post on a modeling website or on a dating website. They certainly aren’t something that you would include with your resume or on a social networking profile! In an age of grainy selfies in the mirror, though, professional boudoir and glamour shots can make a lasting impression on your significant other, however, one that means more than the throwaways most camera phones turn out – even with Instagram’s help!

Professional Photographs for Professional People by Professionals

11Of course, you use photos for more than just social networking profiles, dating, and to spice up your relationship. A photograph is often the missing piece in a resume, for example. You’d be surprised at how important it is for employers to lay eyes on you, yet most resumes posted online or sent into employers without a face-to-face meeting or a phone call are lacking a photo. This makes the resume impersonal, boring, flat, staid, and generally quite easy to ignore.

A well-done photograph included on the front of your resume and cover letter helps your resume to stand out from the rest. If it makes you look professional and attractive (although not boudoir photo levels of attractive!), all the better – whether we like to admit it or not, attractiveness plays a role in whether or not someone is going to be hired. This is a great way to get in on that!

Whether you’re taking your photos for yourself or for the world, you’ll be glad you had them done professionally when you land that job – or that date – that you always wanted.