Owning Valentine’s Day

The film and television, there’s always a character that bemoans the very existence of Valentine’s Day. “It’s just a holiday cooked up by greeting card companies!” they cry, refusing to participate in the holiday. Of course, by the end, they end up doing so anyway – trying to track down a special someone to share Valentine’s with, because while everyone else has someone, they are alone. Inevitably, you see all of the typical gifts associated with the holiday: chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, lingerie, jewelry… some or all of it may be quite nice, but it doesn’t exactly scream, “I love you!”

Communicating your love and affection for another person is a complex dance, one we’ve worked on for millennia, even if you’ve only been practicing it for a few years. As much as Valentine’s Day can be a ploy to get you to buy generic, lifeless gifts and utter saccharine phrases heard in every love song on the radio, it can also be a reminder that the person you love deserves a special amount of attention. Communicating your love and affection for your significant other is important, but it’s very easy to forget to do so – life has a way of, well, getting in the way.

Beyond Cliché

Thanks to special reminders like Valentine’s Day, however, you can be shocked out of the everyday and reminded of the lover within you. Having been reminded, however, what gifts can best express how you feel about your partner? Certainly not the stereotypical gifts that TV straw man was whining about; all those chocolates and teddy bears will do is communicate that, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! What do you know!

Perhaps the most personal and lasting token of your affection that you could offer is a photograph. Photos are something we turn to time and again to remind us of times, places, and people that we care about. We use them to remember how we felt, to re-experience the love and happiness we had. Having a photo of your significant other on your desk at work or on your dresser at home can be a reminder of that person – and the feelings they have for you – every time you see it. It’s personal, it’s unique, and it’s something that took time, thought, and energy to do.

Getting it Right

The kind of photo you have taken depends on the nature of your relationship, and who you are. It is important that the photo capture the sentiment you want to communicate perfectly. If you’re going for sexy, or loving, or happy, or any number of other emotions, there is a lot to be considered. Where will the photo be taken? What will you be wearing? What will your hair/makeup/etc. look like? Will it be taken at night or during the day?